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The Iowa Wing History & Archival Preservation & Operations Section maintains a very large collection of documents and a limited quantity of artifacts.  Many of these documents are in the process of being digitized for individuals to conduct their own research.  The History Office also maintains an assortment of reading materials for reference and professional development.  


Many documents within the History Office's possession are newspaper clippings and correspondence from as early as 1941.  These include communications between local, state, and federal officials with the Civil Air Patrol in Iowa, communications to National, accounts composed by various commanders, and memoranda.  In addition, the History Office maintains copies of original charters, state legislative documents, and state laws and bills.


Many photos compose the archives and include images from as early as 1942.  These include photos of commanders, major events, assistance with security, newspaper images, and general organization photos.

Under Ongoing Construction

This section will be under ongoing construction due to the nature of digitization efforts and aggregation of data.  If you have a specific item you'd like to inquire about, you may feel free to contact the HAPOS directly via our contact form.

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