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The Iowa Wing History Office composes various publications on a routine basis.  These publications highlight the history of the Wing in addition to other aviation history.  These routine publications are published at variable rates ranging from monthly to yearly and include items such as Oral Histories, the yearly Annual History, and History Newsletters.  The History Office also produces and publishes a limited number of white papers that cover specific topics within the larger Civil Air Patrol organization.

The most current routine publications are provided for quick reference to the right.  An archive of older copies as well as the current copy is provided in the library space below.

Library of Local Publications

All publications are included in the Archive Section's Item Inventory (ASII).  These numbers may differ slightly from the National History Digital Resource Archiving System (DRAS).  A cross walk is provided here for applicable items as well as a list of available publications.

ASII Series DRAS Series Publication Last Updated
NCR.IA.HNL None Iowa Wing History Newsletter 15 NOV 2023
NCR.IA.HRM None History Resources Never
NCR.IA.HSR None History Section Report Never
NCR.IA.OHP CAP.OHP Oral History Never
NCR.IA.PUB None Other History Publications & White Papers Never
NCR.IA.RHS CAP.AHP Annual Histories 18 NOV 2023

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