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The Iowa Wing History Newsletter is a monthly publication that is distributed and published as able by the history office. The newsletter covers various aspects of aviation history both within and outside of Civil Air Patrol.  This publication began as a squadron level newsletter before being absorbed into the Wing level and is branded as Iowa Wing Publication 110-41-100.

Group Set Item Title File Size Uploaded
NCR.IA HNL.2310 0301 From the Shadows: The Flight of the Blackbird 6.86 MB 15 NOV 2023
NCR.IA HNL.2309 0211 A Short History of the 41st Composite Squadron 1.90 MB 15 NOV 2023
NCR.IA HNL.2308 0210 A Thank You, a Monologue, and a Message 1.03 MB 15 NOV 2023
NCR.IA HNL.2307 0209 A Mad Man's Theory: Project Pluto 517.19 KB 15 NOV 2023
NCR.IA HNL.2306 0208 The Importance of Air Superiority: Understanding Air Forces & D-Day 700.69 KB 15 NOV 2023
NCR.IA HNL.2305 0207 A Grand Volunteer Force: Early Exercises & Force Composition of the Iowa Wing 1.79 MB 15 NOV 2023
NCR.IA HNL.2304 0206 Cornfields to the Deep Blue Sea: Iowa CAP at its Origins 1.17 MB 15 NOV 2023
NCR.IA HNL.2303 0205 WASPS, WACS, and the Civil Air Patrol: Iowa's Role in the Future of Aviation 882.33 KB 15 NOV 2023
NCR.IA HNL.2302 0204 "You Can Fly Alright!": Remembering the Tuskegee Airmen 471.17 KB 15 NOV 2023

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